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Friday, August 12, 2016

What’s Next For Seni Adetu?‏

Down-to-earth and dynamic Seni Adetu is a former Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the beverage giant, Guinness Nigeria Plc who had an illustrious career in sales and marketing that culminated in his appointment as CEO in four different countries in Africa.

Seni started his working life with the multinational firm, John Holt Plc, as Brand
Manager in 1986 and after a highly successful stint, joined CMB Packaging Plc as Product Group Manager in October 1990. Brimming with ideas, he left CMB Packaging in 1992 to join Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited as Field Marketing Manager (Operations).
At Coca-Cola Nigeria, Seni’s managerial and marketing know-how became apparent and he enjoyed a meteoric rise to become the Marketing Director in 1998, first Nigerian ever to attain the rank. He was later seconded to Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Plc as the Commercial Director where he scored another feat by being the first African to become National Commercial Director of NBC.
Seni led the team to double the company’s operating profit in three years and engineered the acquisition of Limca Bottling Company. He also built an amazing relationship with the bottler that resulted in breakthrough performances across key metrics – Volume, Profit and Market Share.
After joining Diageo from Coca-Cola, Seni was seconded to Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited as MD/CEO where he drove a huge change agenda that included integration of newly acquired Heineken business into Diageo and caused the doubling of the business. In July 2009, he was appointed as GMD/CEO of East African Breweries Limited, a subsidiary of Diageo.

At EABL, Seni consistently delivered superior total shareholders returns, beat competition, led EABL to become the most capitalised company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, completed a complex acquisition of a new company in Tanzania (Serengeti Breweries Limited), renovated the Tusker brand for the first time in 40 years to great performance effect, turned around the performance of the Ugandan business. It is no wonder that in 2012, Seni was announced one of three CEOs for Forbes Business Leaders of the Year in East Africa!
Upon joining Guinness Nigeria as MD/CEO, Seni led a resilient business as a result of the partial removal of fuel subsidy by the government. The sharp increase in fuel price resulted in a change in the consumption pattern of alcoholic drinks from premium brands to lower mass market brands. He however led the business creditably, ensuring progress in key areas and improved cost efficiencies in operations that resulted in incremental sales pan-Nigeria. 
Under Seni's watch, Guinness expanded margin and gained considerable market share by successfully introducing innovation brands such as Snapp and Orijin. He left Guinness in December 2014. 
So sterling were Seni’s corporate achievements that the paramount ruler of Remo Kingdom, Oba Adeniyi Sonariwo, honoured him with a chieftaincy title. He was installed as the 1st Otunba Dadaffini of Remo Land, while his wife, Janet, was also installed as the Yeye Otunba dadaffini of Remo land some months back.
The question on the lips of friends, admirers and well-wishers of Seni Adetu is – what’s next for one of Nigeria’s foremost technocrats? Will it be a foray into the murky water of politics, another multi-national appointment and/or entrepreneurship?
We think it is entrepreneurship! Remember you read it here first.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29, (THEWILL) – Fidelity Bank Plc has announced the appointment of Chief Seni Adetu, as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Adetu, the immediate past Managing Director of Guinness Nigeria Plc, brings to the bank’s board, 30 years of quality Private Sector experience having worked at the highest levels with John Holt Plc, Coca-Cola International and Diageo/Guinness Plc in different countries within and outside Africa.
He was at various times Managing Director of Coca-Cola, English West Africa based in Ghana (2001); the first African Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chairman of Guinness Ghana Plc (2006), Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Diageo East Africa based in Kenya (2009) and until December 2014, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Guinness Nigeria Plc and Executive Chairman, Diageo Brands Nigeria.
Adetu has considerable expertise in commercial, financial and governance best practices, gained from his experience with Diageo in the United Kingdom (UK) and leadership development programs with Coca-Cola in the United State (US). A great marketer, renowned for championing innovation in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, Adetu was named Runner Up Forbes/CNBC Business Leader/CEO of the Year 2012 in East Africa.
Founder/Group CEO of First Primus W.A. Limited, an upscale Integrated Marketing Communications company, Adetu is a Leadership Coach and facilitates on the Chief Executive Program of the Lagos Business School. He is a Chemical Engineering graduate and an MBA holder (with specialization in Marketing), both from the University of Lagos. He is married with children.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Prince M.A. Adetu's 70th Birthday

Wife of the Celebrant and her friend

Baba Oba Of Remo Land, Otunba Bayo Ogunnaike
Aranse Olu Chemist

Hon Olaiwola Adetu

Prince Lateef  Lawrence Abiodun Adetu

Iya Eleba

The Celebrant Prince M.A. Adetu

from right, Mrs C.O.Adetu and Mrs W.Adetu

Kenny Adetu
Tai Adetu

Musari Adetu

Abdulsalam Adetu

Seni adetu becomes Otunba Dadaffini of Remo

The akarigbo of Remo Kingdom, Oba Adeniyi Sonariwo, Installed Seni Adetu as the 1st Otunba Dadaffini of Remo Land

After finishing his term as the MD of Guiness Nigeria, Prince Owoseni Adetu was selected by the Anoko Ruling house and got installed as the Otunba Dadaffini of Remo Land also installed is the wife Janet as the Yeye Otunba dadaffini of Remo landbelow are the pictures of the event

At Anoko Palace


Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello Mr. Adeboye:
It is my pleasure talking to you today. I hope we could work together to make the Family connection. Our great -grand father was a son of Adetu. Our family okiri is Ori adetu abiwapele, Ori adetu npete Aran Ori Aran npete ati Je oba . This was told us as far back as a 1966 by our Dad.
Drop me some few lines and see where we are.

Thanks very much


Owolabi Adetu
Florida , USa

Sent from my iPhone

Owolabi Adetu

This is a letter writen by Mr Owolabi Adetu of Floridia USA

Monday, March 31, 2014


its been a while since i posted anything on the blog, but since lots has happened within the family and i have been so busy in the office and within the family, last year my father in-law Pa G A Awofodu died in ilishan and later seni Adetu mother Chief Mrs felicial Adetu died and the burial was held in sagamu,the two burial were held same week of February 26-1st of march  for three days every one in sagamu was tuned to our adetu frequency! ask any one they will tell you about the fire cracker during the candle lite.
yes back to the topic ADETU IN APAKIN, LEKKI, LAGOS  STATE yes its true and i will expose this when i am through with my interviews with Mr Owolabi adetu based in the USA, but before then here is a  preview,

 Hello Mr. Adeboye:
It is my pleasure talking to you today. I hope we could work together to make the Family connection. Our great -grand father was a son of Adetu. Our family okiri is Ori adetu abiwapele, Ori adetu npete Aran Ori Aran npete ati Je oba . This was told us as far back as a 1966 by our Dad.
Drop me some few lines and see where we are.

Thanks very much


Owolabi Adetu
Florida , USa

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Owolabi Adetu

folks i have lots coming see you 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Today is the 16th of December 2013, some 8 days to Christmas and about 14 days to the end of this very old year 2013, we are lucky years have time it start and it also has a specific time it will end, so this year will officially end in fourteen days time and no one can fast forward it or slow it down, no doctor can use any pill for its life to be prolong, we just play our on part of just sleeping and wakes up the next day and Lord; the year will end.
I was the host of the whole family for the month of December family monthly meeting and to tell you the truth it was great fun all trough, for days i have been preparing for it, i wrote down all the things i need in sagamu since i will not be going  with wife and child, i need to make some contacts in sagamu for people that will help in preparing food for at least fifty people, this i did with Mr Musari Adetu the son of the late Raimi Adetu alias Baba Oni cement, his wife Iya Farouk was of great help, 
Hadji Nojim Adetu is by the Olodumare's doing is still the Olotu Ebi, we pray to Olodumare for him to have long life far more than his Father the late Raimi Adetu who happens to be the son of Sadiku who was the son Adetu our great grand Father (read THE HISTORICAL ANTECEDENTS OF THE ARAGBANLA BRANCH OF THE LEGUSEN).
Deliberations at the meeting centred mainly on happenings withing the family e.g settlements of matters before they got out of hands eg the burial rites of our late uncle Samusindeen Adetu the Son of the Late busura Adetu who i wrote about about two years ago, the wife and children were saying there will not be any Iwolefu or family burial rites for their late dad which was resisted by the Olotu Ebi and the whole family who told them that he samusideen that died was an active member of the family so the family cannot just abandon him at his death.
My dear family members i have dream and i am looking for partakers who will join me in bringing my dream to fruition, i observe that people just talk at our and take decisions on matters, but how can we add value to what we are doing if not to use our collective number to achieve great things. In the family we have too many graduates that are looking for jobs or is it called employment with non available. My people why not let us form a foundation where could collectively help our people, please forget who you are, 5000 naira is like a million in the life of some people please indicate your intention if want to be a part of persons to bring my dreams to fruition, my email is or call me on 2348056231961 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Late last year December 28 of 2012, the family's akarigbo, Uncle Seni Adetu dedicated a new country home in Sagamu and trust yours truly was there for you all to have a feel and also for prosperity below are the pictures of the place and the guests

Mrs Aduke Adetu Olayemi

Niyi Adetu and Mrs Toyin Adetu Isola


people at the party

Aderibigbe Adetu

Mr Adetu

Omooba Bayo Ogunnaike

Olotu NojimAdetu

Segun Adetu

Mrs Adetu - Aree Adetu's wife

Mrs Moji Abijo

Anty Funila]ayo

Seni Adetu